Server Guides

Bellow are some guides that we think may help with your questions. If there is a plugin that you require assistance with that isn't included in this list, feel free let a staff member know and it will be added to the list as soon as possible!

If you have any further questions about a plugin, ask a staff member!



/t new {townname}This creates a new town with you as mayor.

/t hereShow you the states of the town land your standing in.

/t add {resident} or /t invite {gamertag}This will invite the player to town.

/t buy bonus {number} - This will buy bonus chunks for the town for claiming maxim is 32.

/t kick {resident} - This will kick players/residents from the town.

/t claim outpost - Claims chunk as outpost

/t unclaim - This will unclaim chunk.

/t deposit {amount} - This will take money from you balance and add it to the town.

/t withdraw {amount} - This will take money from the town balance and add it to yours but be careful, If you town does not have any money for upkeep it will slowly be destroyed .

/t outpost {number} - Teleports to selected outpost.

/t rank {add/remove} {resident} {builder/recruiter/assistant}This will remove or add rank or remove a rank from a resident.

/t set board {message}This will show a message when a resident in your town will see when they login.

/t set mayor {resident}This will give mayor status to another resident

/t set homeblockThis will set the home block of the town so when resident walks over it will show up as home.

/t set spawnMust be done on home block allows people to do /t spawn.

/t set name {name}This will change the name of the town.

/t set as outpostThis sets a town block into outpost.

/t set permBit complicated see towny wiki or ask staff.

/t set taxes {amount} sets the amount of tax residents have to pay.

/t toggle explosionToggles on and off explosions in claimed chunks.

/t toggle fireToggles on and off fire in claimed chunks.

/t toggle mobsToggles mobs from spawning in claimed chunks. 

/t toggle publicTurn on/off public so other players outside of your town cannot tp to your town spawn, and coordinates of the the town's home block in /town screen.

/t toggle pvpToggles pvp in claimed chunks.

/t toggle taxpercentDoes taxes by percent of upkeep.

/t openThis will toggle between public joining on and off.

/t join town {town} nameJoins town if it is open or if you have been invited.

/t ?Shows help and commands.

/plot claimClaims a plot that is for sale.

/plot {forsale/notforsale} {amount}This will put the plot up for sale, change its price or take it down.

/plot set resetThis will set a shop/embassy/area/wilds to a normal plot.

/plot set shopThis will set plot to a shop plot.

/plot set arenaSets a plot to an arena plot.



/n new {nationame} - This will create a nation.

/n deposit {amount} - this will deposit in game money from you balance into the nation balance.

/n withdraw {amount} this will withdraw money from the nation's balance in to yours.

/n {add/remove} {playername} {assistant} - Grants a rank to a resident of the nation.

/n add {town} - Invites/adds a town to your nation.

/n kick {town} - Kicks town from nation.

/n delete {nation} - This will delete your nation.

/n set king {resident} - Changes the king of the nation.

/n set taxes {amount} - This will set nationtax applied to town in the nation.

/n set name {name} - Sets name of nation.



mcMMO Skills
Acrobatics, Alchemy, Archery, Axes, Excavation, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, Repair, Swords, Taming, Unarmed, Woodcutting, Smelting.

Basic mcMMO

/mcmmo – Gives basic information and credit to developers of the plugin.

/mcmmo help – Gives a list of commands that you can do.

/mcstats – A scoreboard appears on the right-hand side, showing your power level and skill levels.

/mcmmo scoreboard keep – Keeps the scoreboard on the right.

/mcmmo scoreboard clear – Removes the scoreboard on the right.

/{Skill name} – Shows your stats of a certain skill and its effects.

/mctop – Shows the leader board of every players power level.

/mctop {Skill} – Shows the leader board of certain skills.

/mcability – Toggles abilities on and off for your stats.

/mcrank – Show mcMMO ranking.

/mcscoreboard – Manages your mcMMO Scoreboard.


mcMMO Party

/party create {Name} – Create a party.

/party join {Player name} – Join a player’s party.

/party quit – Leave current party.

/Party chat – Toggle party chat.

/party invite {Player name} – Send party invite.

/party accept – Accept party invite.

/party teleport {Player name} – Teleport to player.

/party kick {Player name}  - Kicks a person from your party.

/party owner {Player name}  - Sets person as party owner.

/party expshare {none/equal} – Sets the party to share experience.


Custom Enchants


(Fishing Rod Enchantment)

Catch an additional fish per level.


(Elytra Enchantment) 

Adds armor points to Elytra.


(Sword Enchantment)

Doubles damage if opponent is at half health or less.


(Sword Enchantment)

Earn additional meat from killing mobs (Conflicts with Looting and Husbandry)

Curse of Contagion:

(Everything Enchantment)

Spreads curses to items. (Conflicts with Curse of Stagnancy)

Curse of Exhaustion:

(Everything Enchantment) 

Causes more exhaustion for Minecraft actions.

Curse of Lag:

(Tools and Weapons Enchantment)


Curse of Stagnancy:

(Everything Enchantment)

Enchantments can no longer be added or modified on this item except for removed on the Grindstone (Conflicts with Curse of Contagion)


(Bow and Crossbow Enchantment) 

Explosions on arrow impact. Decreases creeper activation time. (Conflicts with Hollow Point).


(Trident Enchantment) 

Drowns non-water mobs for a short time.

Exp. Share:

(Tools/Weapons Enchantment)

Increased experience drop from killing mobs and breaking blocks (Conflicts with Recycler)

Flower Gift:

(Hoe Enchantment)

Right click flowers to drop flowers. (Conflicts with Gold Digger and

Soul Reaper).

Force Feed:

(Everything Enchantment) 

Equipped items will repair themselves using the hunger bar (Conflicts with Mending and Sticky Hold)


(Fishing Rod Enchantment) 

All caught fish are automatically cooked.

Gold Digger:

(Hoe Enchantment)

Drop gold and experience when breaking crops and nether warts. (Conflicts with Flower Gift and Soul Reaper).

Gung Ho:

(Chestplate Enchantment)

Halves health but triples attack damage. (Conflicts with Life).

Hard Bounce:

(Shield Enchantment)

Projectiles hitting the shield will bounce away at a faster rate. (Conflicts with Iron Defense).


(Tools Enchantment) 

Increases block break radius in the up/down direction.

Hollow Point:

(Bow and Crossbow Enchantment)

Deals more damage to armored opponents. Can deal damage to Endermen and shielded Withers. (Conflicts with Detonator).


(Sword Enchantment) 

Gives chance to spawn a baby animal when killing animals (Conflicts with Looting and Butcher)


(Elytra Enchantment)

Flying upwards will increase velocity. (Conflicts with Frequent Flyer).

Irene's Lasso:

(Carrot on a Stick Enchantment) 

Grab animals to place elsewhere. (Conflicts with Wand).

Iron Defense:

(Shield Enchantment)

Shield absorbs percentage of damage when not blocking. (Conflicts with Hard Bounce).

Knock Up:

(Swords Enchantment) 

Knocks opponent into the air on hit. (Conflicts with Knockback).


(Chestplate Enchantment)

Increases maximum health when worn. (Conflicts with Gung Ho).

Magic Guard:

(Shield Enchantment)

Negative potion effects removed when in offhand.

Magma Walker:

(Boots Enchantment)

Turns lava into magma for a short time when walking near it. (Conflicts with Depth Strider, Frost Walker, and Void Walker).


(Shears enchantment)

Add moisture to blocks, waterlogging or changing certain block types.


(Bow Enchantment)

Shoots arrows in inventory from bow on left click.


(Crossbow Enchantment)

Increase drops from killed mobs.


(Shield Enchantment)

When blocking, knocks back melee-using damaging mobs

Quick Strike:

(Axes and Swords Enchantment)

Speeds up charge time. (Conflicts with Sharpness, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Fire Aspect, and Shock Aspect).


(Sword and Axe Enchantment)

Common loot drops will turn into experience (Conflicts with Exp. Share)


(Chestplate Enchantment)

Damages mob that killed you based on your experience level.

Sand Veil:

(Hoe enchantment) 

Lowers accuracy of attacked entity's hits.

Shock Aspect:

(Axes Enchantment)

Chance to strike attacked mobs with lightning. (Conflicts with Quick Strike).


(Tools Enchantment)

Smelt mined blocks. (Conflicts with Silk Touch).


(Trident/Bow Enchantment)

Increased projectile speed.


(Everything Enchantment)

Keep item on death. (Conflicts with Curse of Vanishing).

Soul Reaper:

(Hoe Enchantment)

Has a large chance for killed player to drop Soulbound items. (Conflicts with Flower Gift and Gold Digger).

Splatter Fest:

(Hoe Enchantment)

Shoots eggs in inventory from hoe on left click.

Sticky Hold:

(Everything Enchantment)

When the item breaks, it will turn into a stick which can be repaired back into the item (Conflicts with Mending and Force Feed)

Stone Throw:

(Crossbow Enchantment)

Does more damage to flying mobs.


(Armor Enchantment)

Increased durability.


(Tools Enchantment)

All mined blocks go straight into your inventory.


(Armor Enchantment)

Adds armor toughness to armor.


(Trident Enchantment)

Turns mob loot into sea-based loot.

Void Walker:

(Boots Enchantment)

Spawns obsidian in air blocks to help players cross the void. (Conflicts with Depth Strider, Frost Walker, and Magma Walker).


(Carrot on a Stick Enchantment)

Place blocks from offhand in a radius. (Conflicts with Irene's Lasso).


(Leggings Enchantment)

Gives chance to teleport you away from damage.


(Tools Enchantment)

Increases block break radius in the left/right direction.



Disguise Commands

/dhelp – Lists commands available.

/disguise {Mob name} – Disguise as a certain mob.

/undisguise – Undisguises yourself.

/disguise {Mob name} {baby/adult} – Disguise as a certain mob as baby or adult.

/disguise {Misc name}  - Disguise as a Misc Disguise


List of Mob Disguises:

cow, bat, blaze, cave_spider, chicken, creeper, ender_dragon, enderman, ghast, giant, horse, donkey, mule, skeleton_horse, undead_horse, iron_golem, magma_cube, mushroom_cow, ocelot, pig, pig_zombie, sheep, silverfish, skeleton, wither_skeleton, slime, snowman, spider, squid, villager, wither, witch, wolf, zombie, zombie_villager.

List of Misc Disguises:

Arrow, boat, dropped_item, ender_crystal, ender_pearl, ender_signal, experience_orb, falling_block, fireball, firework, fishing_hook, item_frame, leash_hitch, minecart, minecart_chest, minecart_furnace, minecart_hopper, minecart_mob_spawner, minecart_tnt, painting, primed_tnt, small_fireball, snowball, splash_potion, thrown_exp_bottle, wither_skull.


Chest Protection

Basic LWC


/LWC Create private – Locks a chest/Furnace or other block from other players (Chests have this enabled by default).

/LWC Create Public – creates a protection on chest so that the public can not destroy it although still open it.

/LWC Create Password (PASSWORD) – creates a chest that is protected by a password.

/LWC Remove – removes all protections and flags on the chest or block.

/LWC Modify (Player Name) – adds other players to your protected chests

/LWC Modify town:”TownName” – adds all town members to your protected chests.

/LWC info – shows who has access and other information about a chest protection.

/LWC mode Persist – allows player to repeat commands on multiple chests instead of typing command for multiple chests, repeat command to disable.

/LWC Flag (Variable) on/off – changes the behaviour of chests in regards to the way redstone, hoppers and droppers interact with chests .

Flag Variables

Redstone, Exemption, Autoclose, Allowexplosions, Hopper, Hopperin, Hopperout.






To create a chest shop, follow the format shown in the screenshot above, the sign may be placed on or above the chest for a shop to be created.

Shop Variables

B = The price someone pays you for your items.
S = The price you pay someone for the item in the shop you created.
? = This variable (shown in the screenshot above) will allow the shop to auto detect the item in the chest below, to do this you will need to click the sign with the item you wish to sell.

Name = You can leave the top line of the sign blank as it will automatically fill in your username.

How to set a warp to your shop