Applications are reviewed weekly. Allow for 7-14 days after your submission before contacting staff.

Developers are not staff and do not have any staff permissions. This position is solely for aiding the development our server. The role of a developer may include configuring plugins, researching plugins, aiding in advertising, creating graphics, organising server events or any other server related tasks. Developers will not receive any special permissions unless authorised by a Senior Staff Member and it relates to their currently assigned task. Developers will receive tasks relating to their specialisation that they may help out with, it is essential to be in our discord server for this. 

General Overview of Specialisations:

General Developer:
Helps whenever it is needed and is an allrounder.

Server Developer:
Helps with configs and creating new additions to the server. 

Event Developer:
Helps to organise and run events on the server. 

Media Developer:
Helps organise and run media outputs for the server and helps with server advertising. 

Graphics Developer:
Helps to create graphics, videos and animations for
the server.