Applications are reviewed weekly. Allow for 7-14 days after your submission before contacting staff.

Builders are responsible for creating and maintaining the physical needs of the server. A Builder must be knowledgeable about the mechanics of Minecraft, including redstone, however redstone skills are not a major requirement. The main role of Builders are to help bring projects to life (such as new events) on the server. Builders are also responsible for creating and maintaining builds such as spawn, arenas, public areas and more. As a builder you are not to distribute Items to players or abuse your privileges and all server rules including rules specifically for Builders, still apply. If the rules are broken, you will demoted to back to your previous rank, and further action will be taken depending on the misconduct. 

General Overview of Specialisations:

Helps plan and build projects.

Specializes in creating/editing/fixing terrain. 

Landscape Decorator:
Specializes in decorating terrain and exterior of builds/projects. 

Interior Decorator:
Specializes in decorating interiors of builds/projects. 

Game Developer:
Helps build games/mini games/events on the server.


Base level builder, no specialization.